Hi, I'm Cezar!

I believe running is wonderful that's why I created Runningful as a medium for runners to share the stories behind their runs.👏

Runningful aims to be a community where runners motivate each others, share or discover new things (routes, courses, ..) or even become friends. 😘

If you found a nice route, finished a marathon, or ran any other course, we'd love to hear the story. It's super easy: you just need to connect with your Strava account (we don't want to store passwords as we all trust Strava!), select an activity and write the story. You'll be able to spice it up with pictures that you uploaded on Strava, other pictures you took, or even with videos.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email or a tweet.

Now, please join Runningful, write a story and motivate other runners like you! 🙌

Questions or feedback ?